Brooklyn Indie Band

Hotel Utah, San Francisco, September 14th
Zion Canyon Music Festival, September 30th
Smiley’s, Bolinas, October 12th

“Cook delivers idiosyncratic vocals and a steady stream of quotable lines that convey as much attitude as, say, the debuts from Elvis Costello and the Pretenders.” – No Depression

“Ms. Cook is a newcomer to the world of music… but she might just be one of a chosen few who gets lucky and scores major hits right off the bat. If the songs on The Long Shot are any indication of what she’s capable of, you can bet this lady’s career is going to skyrocket.” – babysue

“Barring any major catastrophes I can only see Cook going up from here and with a debut this strong, up means way up.” – Dagger Zine

CD Art



Onstage at the Hotel Utah Saloon


Did someone order some tunes?


Had a great time on KZSC Local Brew!


As Veronica Sawyer in Heathers: The Musical



Just Kids

Come As You Are (Nirvana Cover)


When you see Vivian Cook play live you’ll hear a woman with a voice you won’t forget, backed by a killer rock and roll band. She grew up in Palo Alto, CA, and graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Theater and Theology. Vivian then moved to Los Angeles to record “The Long Shot,” named after the subject of the e-mail Vivian sent to producer R. Walt Vincent asking if he would like to work with her. About those songs, Vivian says, “They’re about getting dealt a winning hand, only to get fuck-all in the next round. And composting, because even shit can be turned into something beautiful.”


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